Thursday, November 5, 2009

So, Cash wakes up this morning talking to himself and I go to his crib and I'm watching him babble and he has his fingers in his mouth as usual. I decide to check his gums for teeth.....sure enough, just as I suspected! He is cutting a tooth!! WOW! Am I ready for this?? I mean, I knew that he was teething because of the huge wetspots on all of his clothes each day from the drool, and he's putting everything in his mouth, but when I found a tooth actually coming through it's like everything flashed before my eyes from his birth to now! I know I'm being super dramatic about this, but I didn't think time would fly this fast! Believe it or not....This is the first full week Cash has actually slept all night without waking up. Thank God we have overcome that....Well for now at least. ;-)

Last night I was about to give Cash a bath and I'm holding him over my shoulder and we were both looking in the mirror, and he literally spit up all over me, all over him and it even went in my SLIPPERS!!! Ugh! So gross. Dusty watched the whole thing like it was in slow motion and laughed until he could hardly breathe! Funny story of the day. hehehee

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