Saturday, November 7, 2009

We took Christmas pictures yesterday and I am SO pleased with them!!! Cash was great for the 1st 30 minutes, but he got hungry and super fussy half way through and so we had to stop. I was so sad because I had these really cute Christmas p.j.'s that I wanted him to take pictures in, and we weren't able to. Who knows....maybe we will take some more later. My good friend Scott used to take all of our pictures, but he has moved out of town. I was really worried about finding a photographer that I trust and was reasonably priced. My mom's customer recommended Portrait Innovations and I love it!! It's very cheap for all the pictures you get. There is no sitting fee, they take a ton of pictures, then you pick the ones you want and they have them printed in 15 minutes! They even do the greeting cards and print pictures up to 10x13 in size. Anyway, you can see more of the pics on my facebook.

We got some bitter-sweet news yesterday. Our friends Ashley and Shane are going to be moving to Amarillo. I'm so sad that they are leaving, but it's good for them because Ash got a promotion. She is leaving on Monday and Shane will move when their house is re-rented. So if anyone is in need of a 3x2x2 for $875 per month let me know and I will get you in touch with her. It's so sad to see our good friends leave!!! Cash will miss his buddy Kason when they go ;-( but I'm sure they will visit. That's all I have for now! Not much else going on!

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